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Of Course Donald Trump Won

Donald Trump, election 2016

By Laura Powell

All day I’ve been hearing the same two questions about Donald Trump’s victory ad nauseum from friends and news anchors: “How could this happen? How did no one see this coming?”

Admittedly, I was one of the many who believed Donald Trump couldn’t possibly find a large enough voter base in the US to agree with his sexistracist actions and proposed policies. I believed that sanity would prevail and this brute of a man would be sent packing, tail between his legs, back to the reality show circuit where he belongs.

I took solace in the idea that there was no way Americans would put someone in the Oval Office who bragged about grabbing a peer “by the pussy.” The man who wants to force every person of Muslim descent to register themselves in a Nazi-esque database could not and would not hold the highest office in this country, Land of The Free, Home of The Brave, etc.

Instead, the unthinkable happened: President-elect Donald Trump. God bless America.

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Sehnsucht & Time Travel

My body likes to play tricks on itself. Nine out of every ten times, the pranks are mean. For example, when my subconscious mind tricks my conscious self into oversleeping by showing me a magical fake dream clock. Similarly, my godforsaken ovaries have been known to trick my brain into thinking I’m pregnant, a move so cruel that Tina Fey had the ultimate evil, Regina George, pull the same stunt in Mean Girls (hi, this is Susan from Planned Parenthood).

However, the dirtiest bit of chicanery that occurs during the perpetual battle between myself and myself is something entirely different; the most damaging act is when my five senses pick up my brain, punt it across the Atlantic, and make me truly believe that I’m back in one of my beloved foreign cities.

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